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    • Squirrel Master
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      What am I suppose to do with my string fingers? Im 3 under and I dont know if I am suppose to slowly release tension in my fingers and let the string pull out or am I suppose to kinda roll my fingers off the string? OR is there something else completely different? Thanks for the help, Squirrel Master.

    • Thornbush Archery
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      Hey, I am a one over two under shooter, but I believe that the release technique is the same. I basically just relax my fingers and let the string to the work. It is almost as if I let the string slip through my fingers.

    • skifrk
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      I found watching this video helpful to me for string hand.


      Also something similar in G. Fred Asbell’s book “Advanced Instinctive shooting” he talks about trying to hold and release a paint can with a the thin handle form about 6″ off the ground and if you do it right the can fall on the ground and not spill.

    • Arne Moe
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      Yes, Jimmy’s video posted above will give you some great ideas to try. I also have a video called “release tips” that may give some more ideas for you to try. You can get to my videos through the link below.


    • Squirrel Master
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      Huge help!! thank you for posting the videos and links.

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