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    • khanson
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      I’m looking for someone to repair a recurve. I splintered the upper string groove reinforcement on a Howard Gamemaster Jet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • MontanaFord
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      perhaps try posting in the bowyer’s bench forum as well. that’s the only advice I can really give…good luck with the repair.


    • khanson
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      Thanks Michael!

    • ferris5574
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      Call Jim Belcher at http://WWW.belcherbows.com. He has a bow hospital and maybe able to fix your problem. He was able to straighten a horribley bent bow I bought off the internet and is now building me a custom recurve.

    • khanson
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      Outstanding! Will give him a call.

    • Frank V
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      Another you might want to call is Don Ward ( Bow Doc) I don’t have his phone #, but he’s very active on http://www.tradgang.com
      Good luck with your bow. Frank

Viewing 5 reply threads
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