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    • SBowhunterFloyd
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      I am new to traditional archery and was hoping someone could answer this. I bought a vintage recurve (Browning) which has an arrow rest that holds the arrow in an elevated position above the shelf. The rest is like a stiff hair-like material (for lack of a better description) which protrudes laterally from the riser. All the traditional bows I have seen have a rest directly on the arrow shelf. Should I have that rest removed and replaced so the arrow rests directly on the shelf instead of being elevated off the arrow shelf or would that make any difference at all in accuracy? It just seems to me that this particular rest would interfere with arrow flight, but I’m not sure since I have never shot anything other than this.

    • Larry O. Fischer
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      If the rest does not show any appreciable wear. Then leave it and use it.

    • wahoo
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      I’m with Larry – I would shoot that thing like crazy and just have fun .

    • lbman77
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      I believe you’re talking about Bear Hair or similar on your bow. It’s there to keep things quiet as the arrow moves along the rest when shot. If you plan on using your bow to hunt, I’d leave it or replace it if it’s worn. Also check your knock height, then shoot away.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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