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    • bruc
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      Why does my recurve tend to be noisier shooting three under ?


    • fishon
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      I believe it is the tiller on the bow, my understanding most bows have the tiller done for split finger unless specifically set up for three under. No expert but that is my understanding.

    • Stephen Graf
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      I think no matter what, 3 under is noisier than split.

      I shot 3 under for years and made bows with negative, even, and positive tiller. They were all noisier when shot 3 under.

      About a year ago I switched to split and noticed several things:

      – Less wear to the nock set on the string

      – Less wear to my shooting glove

      – Less noise / vibration in the bow

      I can’t say it improved my shooting though 😳

      Here’s an interesting article about tiller:

Viewing 2 reply threads
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