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  • Larry VanderPlaats
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    i am and old timer (65 yrs old) and currently shoot a straight end 68 inch traditional longbow that I made myself.  I could go up to 50 pounds but after that my spine talks back to me.  I had cervicl fusion of c-4 and c-5 some time back and it still troubles me a bit.  Is this enough bow for hunting elk in the Rockies of Colorado? If not, what do you suggest?


    Bald Old Guy


  • Stephen Graf
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    I take my straight end 66 inch home made longbow with me to colorado all the time.  I’ve killed several mule deer and a mess-o-grouse with it, but haven’t killed an elk with it yet.  Even so, I have no worries, when the time comes it won’t be a lack of power that fouls the shot 😜

    A narrow two blade broadhead and a good flying arrow will do the trick out of your bow, no problem.

    There is a lot of mojo in gear we make ourselves, ‘specially a straight end longbow.  The old timers (older than you) claim that a 50 lb bow and a 500 grain arrow with a cast of 150 fps can kill any game in North America.  So far, I haven’t been able to prove this rule of thumb false.  The key ingredient is accuracy, which is true whether the bow pulls 50 lbs or 90 lbs.

    Good luck with your hunting!  Do you have an elk honey hole?  So far all I’ve found is elk deserts 😂

    Welcome to this forum.  If you hang out long, you will find out that it lacks emoji’s (fun faces to add to the conversation).  It used to have them, but like the blackbirds that fly south for the winter, they are gone.

  • rgrist
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    No real need for a bow much over 50 lbs for elk (or anything else). I would recommend a 2 blade single bevel on a 600-650 gr arrow however. Should zip right through.

  • Dave Morris
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    I’m heading to ID in Sept. in search of my first elk. Will be using my new Centaur LB  @46#s. Single bevel Cutthroats.  Should do the job if I do my part.

  • rgrist
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    I hunted Idaho for a number of years , then finally gave up because the Elk numbers were down so dramatically. The locals all agreed that it had to do with the importation of the Canadian wolves. I generally hunted Weitas Creek, in the panhandle. Might be better further south, but I don’t know that for sure.

    Will be quite the experience having an bull scream at you from 10 yards away. I’ve seen them shot in the hoof, horn and some just plain missed ( not by me of course ) at that distance.

  • Ptaylor
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    There was an article a few issues back in TBM about a guy (can’t remember his name and I probably should) that killed a moose with a 43# longbow. I believe it was a modern deflex-reflex laminate. But still, I tell that to folks all the time. Shot placement and sharp broadheads make the most difference in my opinion.

  • StixStix
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    I,ve had pass thru’s with my 55lb bows, so you’ll be good with 50.

  • grumpygrumpy
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    …and what do you need for stumps?

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