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    • snitkerb
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      Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of oil is best for finishing a longbow? I have used a spray poly in the past with nice results, but wanted to give oil a try as to change up the routine. I’ve read to stay away from linseed oil as it drops poundage, but is there something that doesn’t effect that and produces a nice finish?

    • David Petersen
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      Hi Snit —

      I have a lovely osage selfbow made by our own Clay Hayes that’s finished with hand-rubbed tongue oil. It seems bombproof: repels water like wax and otherwise protects the wood without giving it a shiny appearance. Yet it’s a smooth, hard finish. Hang in and others with more oil experience should be along to offer their advice. I’ve made lots of wood bows but never used oil, but much prefer it based on Clay’s bow, to any spray- or paint-on commercial finish I’ve tried. Dave P.

    • jmsmithy
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      Hey Dave ( and everyone else). Hope you all hada wonderful Christmas and New Year…

      I’ve read with interest from you and others about Osage self bows….any ideas where I can pick one up, relatively inexpensively? 😀

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