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    • Cameron Unruh
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      Years ago…5 years to be more exact I set out on a mission to build a bow that matched and if possible surpass the quality of a very expensive bow I bought and love. I had purchased a Tomahawk SS 58″ 55# Diamond – said to be the best of the best. I have built roughly 20 bows since then and have improved the quality of each bow. I have used a variety of core woods and built two different forms. I am thrilled with my latest bow which I believe just may out shoot my Tomahawk. It is 58″ ntn and 55#@28 it is all action boo core wood, brown maple veneers, riser has some black locust, walnut, Purple Heart. But best of all in side by side test it out shoots my Tomahawk or at least is equal…hard for me to say since I may be a bit bias…

    • 1shot
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      Very Nice… Skills Cameron, Skills…

    • Brennan Herr
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      Great looking bow!!! Congrats!

    • Stephen Graf
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      Good Job! Now go kill something with it.

    • grumpy
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      NEAT!!!! Planning on building my next bow this winter.. OK, it may be several as I’m planning on a lot of changes, most of which will NOT work. lol Keeps me out of trouble when the snow is over my knees.

    • Cameron Unruh
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      Steve Graf wrote: Good Job! Now go kill something with it.

      Hey Steve I would love to…It is rifle deer season right now here in CA. I have an Archery Only tag which is not limited by zones and allows me to move freely about. I have been in the woods but my woods are shared by a bunch of nutty folks with rifles and off road vehicles. It has been difficult to find a buck. I am heading out again in the a.m. to spend the day. I would love any other Californians out their to give me some good input to getting a shot with my amazing bow!

    • Ptaylor
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      Hey Cameron,

      I hunt with an AO tag too. Best thing for me is to drop down in some steep ravine with no road below me. That keeps most people out cause you have to butcher it down there and pack it up the hill, even if its not that far from the road (1/2 mile is sufficient to lose people if its steep). Or get out in the wilderness. Either way, even if I see rifle hunters out there, they are usually pretty good hunters cause its not for everybody to hunt those places. Have a frame pack at the truck.

      Good luck dude, hope you can put a notch in that sweet bow!


    • James Harvey
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      Congratulations Cameron, what an achievement!

    • Troy Breeding
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      Looks like your spot on with the bow.


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