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    • kconner
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      bodnik bows…opinions anybody?

    • wojo14
      Post count: 325

      I had a slick stick.

      It was very nice!

    • Bruce Smithhammer
      Post count: 2514

      I can only add that they get a lot of good reviews, especially for their cost. People sure seem to like the Slick Stiks!

    • EJK
      Post count: 18

      Check out Wolfie Hughes’ videos on Youtube. He is a Bearpaw bows shooter, and has reviews on some of their models.

    • JamesG
      Post count: 32

      They have a finish on them that sometimes looks ‘odd’ to Americans. Other than that they are well made and fine shooting bows.

    • Stephen Graf
      Post count: 2371

      I’ve had a hard time finding a website that shows their full lineup and pricing. But they have a listing of bow performance on their website that is pretty incredible. Maybe a bit hard to believe.

      Anybody have a link to their full lineup / pricing?

    • Stix
      Post count: 174

      I can only go by the reviews, which are stellar. But one custom bow that is in a league of it’s own is the Maddog Prairie Predator. $225 for a custom bow!. I have shot it, and it compares equally to the Fedora longbow in every way. maybe a bit smoother, but 1/3 the cost. Finish might be a li’l rougher, but not by much. It’s worth checking out as a true working mans custom built bow by a class act Idaho bowyer,

    • William Warren
      Post count: 1384

      I have a Kustom King Black Forest long bow which I think may be a Bodnik product. It has that odd matte finish on the riser but is a nice looking bow for the low price. I shot it some today with cedar shafts and Zwickey No Mercys. Very quiet. It’s 45# @ 28″.

    • JamesG
      Post count: 32

      Yes, the KK Black Forest is made for KK by Bodnik. Check out Pete Wards traditional archery website for reviews on alot of the Bodnik bows. Since Bodnik is a German company, they don’t have much of a presence here in the US. KK and Lancaster are the main retailers. Bodnik makes a variety of trad archery stuff and they usually get very good to excellent reviews. The Bodnik Kiowa recurve is the best recurve I’ve shot to date. Put my Predator, Buffalo, and my DAS to shame in terms of speed, feel and shot noise/vibration. All 4 recurves were of the same draw weight (+/- 3#). I no longer own the DAS, Buffalo, or Predator and the Kiowa was not mine. If I had not gotten into longbows and if I ever decide to go back to ‘curves, the Kiowa is on the top of a very short list.

    • David Coulter
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      Thanks for this post. It helped me solve a problem that has to do with reindeer and a southpaw spouse. The nice people at KK were very helpful today so i put in an order for a whole kit. Thanks for posting your comments on the bodniks. Much appreciated. Best, dwc

Viewing 9 reply threads
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