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    • cyrille
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      Today’s bows Recurves and long bows aren’t the same as they were back in the 1950s when I first took up the bow. Back then regardless of the bow type when one finished shooting for the day the bow was unstrung until the next time.
      Today, however except for BW Longbows which are still recomended to be unstrung after use, the recurve doesn’t have to be unstrung in fact according to BW it is best to leave the recurve strung unless the bow is to be laid aside for an extended period.
      My question is this, would it not be more conductive to the the length of life of the limbs if they were unstrung after use?
      BW says that more limbs are damanged due to stringing and unstringing a bow the limb may twist while this is being done thus it is best to leave the bow strung if it is used on a regular basis. I would like some other opinions on this.Is it better to releve the tension on the limbs or is it alright to leave the bow strung when it is used on a regular basis?

    • T Downing
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      I own two of their Longbows and I definitely unstring them every time…My father also owns a 1990’s BW recurve and he unstings it when he isn’t shooting it regularly…I firmly believe that Black Widow is advising this practice with their recurves because they have seen a ton of bows come back to them with twisted limbs. Furthermore, they have confidence in their retaining their poundage when strung, so this is why they say this. Personally, with a good bow stringer, I would unstring the recurve most of the time. I probably wouldn’t unstring the bow during a 30 day hunt but other than that, I would unstring it as much as possible. My two cents…

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