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    • kconner
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      which model or setup for wood arrows?

      Bitzenburger website suggest model 1006 for traditional archer.

      All websites i search really dont go by Bitzenburger model #…

      Obviously I’m making this harder to decide on which model.

    • richard roop
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      The only Bitzenburger models I’m aware of are the current, common ones that have the dial adjustments and an older   one             that has a cam type adjustment sticking out the side. Both are excellent fletching jigs.

      The only issue that I’ve ever had is when using 11/32nd nocks, they didn’t fit all of the way into the nock indexer.  Removing the indexer and a few minutes with a Dremel tool to open up the hole in the frame solved that problem.

      Again, excellent fletching jigs. For some reason I don’t fully understand, I own 5 of the ‘dial’ models and 2 of the ‘cam’ models.  I’ve also collected a variety of the clamps. Right wing, left wing, & straight.

      I’ve also made up a few sets of ‘Masters’ ……….. These are short sections of shaft painted white with a pencil line scribed along the shaft using the clamp for a guide.    This way, if I want to go from helical to straight fletch and back again, I have a reference to go by.

      Gotta love wood arrows !!!!


    • Raymond Coffman
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      What Richard said…..I have an “old” bitzenberger that works fine.

      I would go with the company recommendation.  They know best what they make them for ….

      Scout aka Ray

    • richard roop
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      A trip to eBay …..’bitzenburger’….  shows quite a few old & new models new & used at a variety of prices.

      If you can find one at a decent price, I would suggest getting a whole set of clamps; left, right & straight.

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