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    • David Petersen
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      BHA is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for info leading to conviction of anyone illegally using any motorized vehicle, from helicopters to ATVs and dirt bikes, to damage habitat or harass wildlife on public lands. Carry a camera and earn some extra cash while out hunting! Here’s the link:

    • WICanner
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      Hope the reward works. I really hate getting run over by an ATV on the way into a hunting area. It’s very frustrating. 👿

    • Troy Breeding
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      I wish they would have done or should say, had this several years ago.

      I had my truck slamed into by a three wheeler. It was on WMA where ATV’s weren’t allowed. I was parked on the side of the road and was scouting a new area. I hadn’t gone 100yds from my truck when I heard the ATV coming up through the woods at a high rate of speed. The operator was on a clearly marked trail that had signs all along it stating foot trafic only. As he tipped the hill where my truck was parked he didn’t even let up. Not being able to control it at such a speed, he slamed into my truck. Before I could get to the young fellow he managed to upright the ATV and get gone.

      I called conservation and had them come out. After seeing what had happened they informed me that unless I had proof as to who it was there would be nothng they could do. They stated that compaints had been reported of ATV’s beening in the area but weren’t able to catch anyone.

      To top all this off they wouldn’t even do an accident report on it for fear of my insurance company trying to put blame on them. My insurance company assured me that had conservaton given me an accident report it would have given them fuel to push conservation to follow up instead of sweeping it under the rug.

      Afew weeks later I was back at the WMA with acouple of friends. We were all parked in about the same area when we heard some ATV’s down in the woods. Needless to say we set up an ambush for them. One of my friends was a linebacker in highschool and nailed one of the riders as he road by. Before his buddies could do anything we had all three on the ground. I quickly called conservation and informed that if they didn’t want to find three bodies hanging in trees along the side of the road they had better get someone out there quick.

      I wasn’t able to prove any of those three was responable for hitting my truck, but it did cost them a hefty fine and the loss of their threewheelers.


    • Jesse Minish
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      Wow I could make a good living with all the ATVs I see in illegal areas here in North Idaho!

    • jmsmithy
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      😀 Awesome Troy…Just awesome:!::!:

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