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  • Joseph Roth
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    Have a BP recurve, from the infomation off the bow:

    [rearface of lower limb]

    Standard Hunter

    EBP 1364A


    [from leftside grip below arrow rest]



    45xx-28″ [presently using a 29″ Easton 1816 shaft & 125 weight head (field/ broadhead)]

    I would like to mount using the screw-in brass inserts for a detachable “Kwikee” quiver,

    where to locate the inserts to be on “neutral axis” of bow??




  • richard roop
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    The Kwikee quiver that I’m familiar with mounted using rubber clamps around the limbs.  Your’s mayhap is a different design ??

    The MAJOR problem with the original Kwikee quivers was that the broadheads were exposed and could cut person / place or thing.  They came out with a hood of sorts that clipped onto one of the arrow shafts and was an improvement of sorts.  When I went full retro on my Pearson Mercury Hunter I went to ‘arrow quiver’ on EBay, my favorite place to spend money I don’t have on stuff I don’t need & found a Ben Pearson spring arm type (hooded) bow quiver.

    Ben Pearson made some fine bows. Truely a shame that the company died when he passed away.

    If you do go with inserts & screws, lay everything out on the workbench and it will pretty much tell you where the placement should be.


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