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    • mainebowfly
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      I’m sure this has been asked many times, but i’d really appreciate some feedback.  I started shooting a recurve about a year ago and would like to take it to the woods this deer season.  Up until now I’ve been shooting a “loaner” 35#, 64″  takedown.  I’m ready to swap the compound for a recurve %100, and need to make a purchase soon.  I would prefer a one piece somewhere in the #40…i guess??.


      Here’s the info:

      Budget -$300ish

      Target-Whitetails, maybe Moose(tree stands and natural brush blinds)

      Shooter- 6’3″ tall, 29″ draw.


      I’m not loyal to any brands, and would certainly be happy with a used bow.  Just trying to make as solid a purchase as I can.

      Thanks for your help!


    • richard roop
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      1st thought that comes to mind; Jumping from 35# to 40# is about right.  Build strength while maintaining form !!!

      2nd thought that comes to mind; 40# while fine for whitetails might be a bit light for moose.  Possibly quite a bit light for moose from a tree stand where an exit wound is a huge help in tracking.  Plan on picking your shots carefully.

      3rd thought that comes to mind;  You’re a tall guy with a bit of a long draw. Bows in the 64″ range are going to be more of a joy to shoot for you than my 60″ bows that I only draw to 27″. You’re on the right track.

      Suggestion; I’m a fan of the older classic bows that still have a lot of use left in them. Spend some time on eBay seeing what’s available. (Hint; There’s a LOT !!) One of them will call out to you.  That’s the one to take a serious look at.  And ……. don’t disdain a model just because it’s a ‘target’ bow.  If you like it and it’s the weight you’re looking for, even if the decal says Tamerlane or Lord Mercury, Spitfire or even Robert’s Fireball it could be the one for you.

    • Ty
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      Another good resource for used bows is rms gear.

    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Ditto Richard and Ty.

      Best bet is to find a trad Archery Shoppe or expo or shoot , and try different brands and types of archery tackle if you can, before making a final decision. With some shops you can trade back and forth trying different models. Some ” regular” archery shops have for sale and trade some trad bows, even if they are heavily compound oriented – the one here in ABQ is that way.

      I believe – if you are going to hunt Moose in Maine- the hunting regs require a 45lb bow minimum. Might check current regs —-

      Scout aka Ray

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      You might also look at Bodnik bows. You might have to stretch the budget a hair but they are nice. I bought my wife one for Christmas a few years ago. It’s very smooth. They have a great rep in Europe. A buddy just picked up a nice old green Kodiak Magnum for a couple hundred on the auction. Hasn’t been delivered yet but it looks really nice. Look for old Browning Wasps or Nomads for a good bargain. Really nice bows that don’t carry the collector penalty that Bears often do. I do hear good things about RMS archery, which I think is also home to Tom Clum of Solid Archery Mechanics, a coaching program, part of The Push archery. dwc

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      RMS has some nice inexpensive recurve including a couple Herters and Browning. There’s plenty to choose from. Have fun, dwc

    • jeffrey hughey
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      All good advice. Do touch a few to make sure you are comfortable with the type you chose to purchase. I went from a 34# Bear Cub to a 41# Grizzly. Very comfortable bow. Late 60’s early 70’s models. Now I am shooting a 60# Kodiak Magnum. A lot of BOW. Had to increase my work outs to have a consistent and repeatable shot process with this one.     But the Kodiak has a high grip position which I would change if I could. I prefer a low or medium grip.

      Have fun with the process and shopping!

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