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    • jonas
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      Has anyone used the Speed-Tuff material sold by Kustom King? I will be building a few more bows soon and am considering using this stuff. I have heard/read about limb life being shortened by the use of carbon, but thought I would gather opinions on this great forum. Thanks for any info.

    • Stephen Graf
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      I looked into the bearpaw stuff a while back. I ended up not buying it due to what I was hearing.

      I heard nothing good about the bearpaw glass, and the same goes for the carbon. The craziest thing I heard about the glass is that it takes a set. A bowyer I know bought a role of it, and cut it to length. The pieces kept the curve from being rolled up. Gordon glass never does that.

      If you are looking for a cheaper good source for carbon, I have heard that the following is a good source, and way cheaper than what you get from gordon: http://www.cstsales.com/hm_carbon_shapes.html

      But again, I haven’t tried it. I have used a bunch of carbon from Gordon, but I am off that kick now. I just use glass, as I didn’t find any great advantage to adding the carbon.

      Hope it helps.

    • coastalbendbows
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      I’m not the type of person to dis anyones product or business. But I will say this as mentioned above. I am another bowyer who ordered a roll thinking I would be saving some money and keeping the cost down and the price of the bows down. It all sounded good getting it by the roll but I knew it was to good to be true. The quality of the glass ok but the clarity of the glass was horrible. I sent it back to the same place as mentioned above and called Gordons and placed my usual order. Top notch service and company.

      Now I have heard recently through the grapevine that things at bearpaw have gotten better. But if it were me I’d call Dale Stahl at gordons and just get what you want and need. He will grind the carbon to whatever thickness you want. Or you can. Remember though .001 ground off the carbon equals one pound off the bow. for your stack calculations. Thats just my two cents

      Hope this helps

    • jonas
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      Thank you Gentlemen, for sharing your thoughts. I have now been checking out Bingham Projects bow lam/glass kits with the Gordon Glass. The bows I have built in the past have been all wood lam bows. These will be the first with glass. Is there anything else anyone would like to share with a first time wood/glass bow builder?


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