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    • anointedarcher
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      Shot this 5 point last night about 6:20pm. It was a whopping 5 yard shot straight down, clipped the top of one lung secered the heart clean off smoked the other lung and busted the leg on the opposite side and this ole boy still managed to run 70 yards. Of course I would of never found him with out the help of my very own tracking team.

      I was using a 45lb 1966 Bear Kodiak shooting Easton 2016’s tipped with some 190 grain razor sharp single bevel Tusker broad heads.

    • skifrk
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      Congrats on the deer

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      Great story and a terrific family photo. Two trophies. best, dwc

    • T Downing
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      Congrats on the fine buck. What an awesome picture, nothing sweeter than sharing the experience with the ones you love…Classic!

    • bruc
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      Congrats !!! Nice deer !!


    • kellydockter
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      good job

    • blacktail
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      that is a great deer..good job…john

    • jaytbuzzard
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      That is a huge six point buck. Congratulations on your deer. Way to involve the family.

    • dave19113
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      Congrats….. Gotta love those Tuskers….. I switched to em and will stay with em for a long time….

    • rnorris
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      Very nice!

    • YankeeRedneck
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      Way to go!! Love the crack tracking team.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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