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    • gigglemonk
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      Hi all

      This is my first post on this pretty awesome site.

      I recently started making my own arrows out of the leftover pieces from my board bows.

      Im curious if there is any way to determine FOC on a bare shaft? I have 10 Ash shafts that are footed with Ipe and having put any heads on yet.

      Thanks all


    • Arne Moe
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      g, Not sure really what you are asking. If you want to know the “FOC” of your bare shafts, measure the length, then find the balance point and do the math. BUT… FOC is built into the arrow as you make it by point weight, footing, taper, type and style of nock, feathers, paint, wrap, etc. Short answer is that FOC is what YOU make it.


    • rwbowman
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      Welcome to posting! I’m sure some of the guys and gals here will be more than helpful to you on this topic than myself, but I’ll give it a crack. I would think that determining FOC will require mounting heads, especially on wood shafts due to the removal of material involved in tapering the front end to receive the points/adapters or anything else you plan to use on the finished shaft. Just my opinion. Happy building!

    • Troy Breeding
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      Yes, FOC on a bareshaft can be figured. However, it will be very low.

      The footing will give you some FOC. Rear tapering the shaft will also aid the FOC as well.

      Measure the length of the shaft. Now find the balanca point and measure from the tail end of the shaft to the balance point. Doing the figures will tell you what the FOC of the bareshaft will be.

      Afterwards, you can add nock and point and do the figures again to see the increase in FOC.


    • gigglemonk
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      Thanks all

      The FOC is real low right now so I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Thanks a bunch.


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