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    • paleoman
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      Suppose a guy has lost interest in things that go bang for his hunt….what route would you go to unload them? Not many and nothing fancy! I am not into the whole boxing and shipping thing as that has been a PIA! am thinking auction or pawn shop.

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      I would definitely go to a good gun shop. Anecdote:

      I bought an old 30-30 Winchester from a hole in the wall shop. For $500, I suddenly became jack palance!

      I had this gun for a few years, occasionally shooting at the range. I kept shots in a 8″ plate at 100y but it kicked like a pissed off mule! A friend of mine took the serial# and researched the history of it. It was a 1932 trapper model custom made for the owner! I went to a reputed gun shop in Carmel, NY, and they informed me that it was worth $4500 and that they already had an interested collector!!

      I sold it on the spot!!!:D

    • adirondackman
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      Alex – you are one “Lucky B$%^&”. I think that it is called “Karma”

    • David Coulter
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      Alex, that’s a great story. That would buy a nice bow and a big bunch of arrows!


      Depends on where you live. Here in PA you can sell a long gun by yourself. Handguns have to go through a dealer. If you sell to a dealer, you’ll make less, but it’ll be a done deal and you won’t have to worry about any cracked pots trying to break in and steal your guns. Wish you the best, dwc

Viewing 3 reply threads
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