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    • Troy Warner
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      Just checking to see if any of you have tried the astro flight string material? I make my own strings and my FF plus material is running low so I’m thinking of trying some thing different. The add in the 3 rivers website claims it is the quietest material and that there is no stretch/creep.



    • Doc Nock
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      NOpe. Guy I buy strings from switched to Rhino this past year and it’s done very well for all his customers— and has eliminated that “creep” I got with a left-strung, bow!

    • codger
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      So is it appropriate to post the name of the string manufacturer who is using and fencig if the arrow blows throughthese materials i really like that idea! Im pretty happy with my current strings but they do stretch and i have to keep unstringing throw in a couple twists and restring every so often. I shoot one bow to warm up then move to a higher poundage bow to help build muscle and work on my strength. im finding it hard to get motivated to hit the weights like i should.

    • Robin Conrads
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      It is okay to mention the name of the string maker so that others might find it helpful.

      The rule against commercial posts means that you can’t promote your own products and services in the forum. I know…clear as mud. 😀

      I would caution everyone to make sure your bow can handle no- or low-stretch strings. Not all bows are make to handle them.

    • daniel boon
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      I use Rhino strings from the same guy as Doc Noc, and as he says, no creep whatsoever. Best strings I’ve ever used.

    • Doc Nock
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      Since Mom said it’s ok to share knowledge, here’s the contact for anyone interested:

      325-537-2198 and his website is http://www.tradarcher.com/BarbeeArchery/index.html

Viewing 5 reply threads
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