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    • drew4fur
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      Father’s day is well passed, but my dad always said, with 100% honesty, that he didn’t want to be recognized or given attention on a day set aside for him by people who don’t know him. So, well after father’s day I ordered some shafts and whipped them up for my dad’s 43 pound Bear Tigercat.

      I used the True North Arrows LLC water-based orange stain and did two coats for a cap stain. Then I rubbed each shaft down with a green brillow pad, then dipped it in 3rivers gasket lacquer. After I dipped all dozen shafts I rubbed them down with a blue brillow pad (a pad that is less course than the green), and dipped them again. To my eye this really buffed up the base dip and made the stain really pop!

      This is the third time I’ve ever assembled arrows from raw shafts, so I don’t know much about the alternatives. I will say that really like this true north stain, and someone is gonna have to make a case for something else that is both cheaper and easier before I use any other stain. When I run out of the 3 rivers gasket lacquer I might use the True North sealer, but I bet I’ve got a 100 arrows left before I can worry about that.

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    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      That’s a beautiful gift. Thanks for the photos and the story. Best, dwc

    • Stephen Graf
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      Very nice, indeed!

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