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    • David Yukon
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      Good day all!

      I’m new to the forum, but been shooting traditional on and off for the last 20 years(never shot a compound bow and never shot with sights…). I have a 60#@29 Cari-Bow Silver Fox and a 70#@29 Bow River Archery Whitetailer longbow.
      I have been shoothing some grizzly stik arrows as well as cedar shafts from rose city.

      I was wondering what are your preferences and where do you get your shafts/arrows from?

      Thank you

    • Fletcher
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      I’m a bit prejudiced, but I like tapered Surewood fir or Hildebrand spruce from The Feathered Shaft.:D

    • John Carter
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      I shoot both carbons and woods,but really enjoy the work involved in making a good wooden arrow.
      I have some Northern pine shafts from Scotland on order,and am also looking into Bamboo shafting as well.
      I,m currently having some health issues that are keeping me stuck at home,so I’m using the spare time I suddenly have far to much of to build the “perfect arrow”.

      Welcome to the site.

    • David Yukon
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      Thank you guys.
      With wooden shaft, do you have a hard time finding shaft heavy anought for hunting?

    • sorno
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      David Yukon wrote: Thank you guys.
      With wooden shaft, do you have a hard time finding shaft heavy anought for hunting?

      I’ve not experienced finding a shaft not heavy enough but you do seem to lose a little of the flexibility with regard to where you want the weight to be. It’s hard to enter the high FOC percentages with a stout wood shaft. I’ve shot cedars, some kind of laminated (I think fir) shaft and now just put together some barrel-tapered hickories. All ended up being more than enough weight to hunt with, but the FOC was often in the 10% range. I love wood shafts so far and I think my next set will be from that biased guy who posted earlier 😆

    • Ripforce
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      I shoot both carbons CX Heritage and recently just started shooting woods so far most of my wood shafts are cedar (75/80) and I have tried a few chondoo pine! You might want to talk to Rick from the Feathered Shaft goes by (Fletcher)on this forum! he could really help you out as far as to what shaft would be the best for you! I love the way the carbons shoot once you get them tuned for your bow but the woods are a lot more fun to shoot plus I like the aspect shooting an arrow I built from scratch! Have fun!

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