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    • mojohand
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      Ok, so in the last thread I started about eye dominance, a post was made that got me thinking. Arrow selection and matching the arrow to the bow. I’m not even sure where to begin. How does one go about that. I’m sure there is a lot of fine tuning, but what is a good place to start. I’m shooting a #45 recurve. Is there a rule of thumb regarding draw weight and arrow weight.

      Also related question. Is it ultimately cheaper to make your own arrows? Also with the fletching, is there a jig or something that holds the arrow so th fletching is in that perfect triangle?

      Sorry if these are very basic questions and have been addressed before, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask.

      Thanks again.

    • Patrick
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      Certainly no need to apologize, unless you want to apologize for apologizing:lol::lol:! This forum is for these types of questions.:wink:

      The necessary arrow spine will be determined, primarily from the draw weight, tip/broadhead weight, and the arrow length.

      Fletching your own arrows is definitely cheaper than having others do so for you. It’ll take some time to realize the savings though. Yes you’d need a fletching jig. Here’s a thread regarding different fletching jigs.

      I ended up with a Bitzenberger as a Christmas present. 8)

    • mojohand
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      Thanks for the help Patrick. Where is a good place to order supplies for arrow making? I don’t have an archery shop around the corner.

    • Dan Jackowiak
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      A few places that have good service and prices are




      lancaster will sell single arrows so you can figure out what flies best from your bow. Bowhunters Super store has better prices.



      is all traditional with good service but higher prices overall. I shop all 3 stores depending upon what I want. Sometimes I get feathers right off ebay.

      You’ll need glue, a fletching jig, an arrow saw if your going to shoot carbons or you can have them cut for a little extra cost. With aluminums I would use a tubing cutter and then debur the end and open it back up if needed to fit the insert before I bought a saw. Or have them precut.

      With the jig your going to have to get right or left wing depending upon what you want to shoot. I have both jigs.

      One way to get prestarted with arrow selection is Stu Millers spine calculator.


      you can play with that and find arrow sizes and foc places to start based on your bow. I have found its pretty accurate.

      this all might sound complicated at first but once you start doing it its a piece of cake. If your going to stay in archery for yrs like I have, its really the only way to go.


    • SCMorris
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      This is my first post, I purchased a dozen pre-stained cedar shafts from 3-Rivers Archery and fletched then with 5 1/2″ feathers. I shoot them out of my 46 lb Whip longbow and my 53 lb Blackwidow PL11 Longbow. Arrows were spined at 50 to 55 lbs. Cut lenght was 28 1/2″ and I installed 160 grain field points. They shoot like darts. Three Rivers was outstanding to deal with. I love cedar shafts and they are quite durable.


    • gidaddy911
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      Again, this is why I love this site. I got up this morning wondering how I was gonna figure out what arrows to get and how to determine it. Thank you again gentlemen.

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