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    • jebeckjr
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      Hi Gang,

      I apologize if this is a really elementary question(s) – I just prefer to ask before I goof something up…

      I have a longbow that currently has the 2 piece “Bear hair” rest on it. The shelf hair runs the entire width of the shelf, from front to back. I need to replace it, and I would like to use a piece of beavertail a friend recommended. My questions:

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        What would you use to clean the shelf after removing the old rest? I don’t want to marr the finish on the riser.
        Would you cut the shelf to run the entire width of the riser, or just use a piece that extends a little forward and back of where the arrow makes contact with the shelf (it is curved slightly, so the arrow doesn’t contact the full shelf)?
        For the side plate, would you cut a second piece for that, or would you just use one piece for the shelf and side, and bend it into the 90 degree corner?
        Any advice on using Barge cement? The tube says apply to both the material and the bow, and let them set 15 minutes before putting them together. Is that how must of you do it? Is it possible to clean up of glue gets on the wood outside of the rest?


      Again, I know it is a lot of questions, and I tend to worry a bit about goofing things up. I do appreciate any advice.


    • Stephen Graf
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      If your bear rest is in good shape, I would leave it alone. The beaver tail won’t hold up nearly as well.

      Part of the joy of traditional archery is that you can easily customize your stuff to suit your tastes and needs. size the beaver tail however you like, so long as it does the job.

      If your arrow shelf is crowned, you will want to make sure the rest lays on the shelf where the arrow will. If your grip is a locator grip, you will want the rest centered over the lowest part of the grip.

      Barge cement is popular because it won’t mar the finish. So when you decide to pull the old one off, do just that pull it off. Rub the shelf with your thumb to clear the old adhesive away. And apply your new rest with the barge cement.

      If the beaver tail is thin and flexible, you can place a narrow piece of scrap leather underneath the beaver tail on the shelf and side plate. This will help minimize the contact between the arrow and the bow.

      Have Fun!

    • Troy Breeding
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      A good friend of mine (Lynn Busbee) from FL has a good business with used bows. When he trades for or buys a new (used) bow in the first thing he does is replace the old shelf and window plates with velcro. To remove the old glue and such he uses something called Goop off, or Goo off, or something like that. He says it want marr the finish or anything and does a great job. He also uses it to clean up rubber tracks from strap on quivers like the Great Northern. I watched him clean up acouple of bows at Cloverdale. When he was finished they looked great.


    • RI Swamp Yankee
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      Goof Off and Barge cement are everything you need to play with arrow rests.

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