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        I need some help. This may be a little long but I gota tell the whole story. Lol. I decided to do my first set of cedars. I did only 1 arrow first as a trial run. Stained, crowned,clear coat,and fletched. Turned out Ok but didn’t let it dry all the way so the paint messed up some but it flew great. So I stained the other 11. Then I did another one but this time I sanded it some after I stained it because the first 1 felt just a tad rough. Went thru the whole process again. Came out great. Flew great also. So later that evening I crowned them. Let em dry then went to do clear coat. Sprayed em down. Went back about a hour later. Looked like I didn’t even put anything on em. Over the next few days it took about 3-4 coats before the clear coat worked. Fletched 1 up yesterday. Spun perfect. Shot it probably 3-4 times in a 3D target. About the 5th shoot when I drew my bow. I could see the arrow was bent. Bad. So I went and fletched up another 1. Spun perfect. After about the same amount of shoots. Same thing. Bent. Now the first 2 I did I have shot several times and are still fine and it only took 1 time with the clear coat and it was done. Could someone please help me out. I just don’t understand how the first 2 are fine then the next 2 arrows did that. Thanks for any help that anybody has.

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          Your reference to clear coat, is what? I use polyurethane on my wood shafts so by clear coat I know not what you used. I might have an idea or two if I have that info.

          What method of straightening did you use and what kind of wood are the shafts? A little more info and I might have some experience to share.

          I’ve been building wood shafts for a long time and have some explainable booboo results and some WT….’s also.

          Also, how you installed you nock in relation to the grain, perhaps you have two installed the proper way and two not. Let me know.

          Not trying be picky, just you said first time and there are yays and nays when building wood arrows.

          Be glad to help if I can.


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