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    • cavscout9753
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      Does anyone know a good shop that makes reasonably priced arrows? I’d like to try a dozen woodys without feeling financially guilty if I end up not liking them. An internet search just turned up the usual suspects and if there was someone who has a small side shop or something I’d rather use them. Either way, thanks for the help and keep em’ straight.

    • Doc Nock
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      I dunno if Matt Gundock is still making arrows or not but he is a major source of great natural turkey feathers and custom chopped fletch.

      He did make some previously, but not sure what hes doing these days…


    • coldpak
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      Northwest Archery. http://www.nwarchery. com

      Have had her make me arrows several times field and hunting if you ask you can get a bit of history.

      Good luck

    • Doc Nock
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      Emailed a guy I know who builds woodies in a small retirement shop…his point, which I hear regularly, is that shafting alone has skyrocketed in costs…and to get matched dozen is a big deal even when buying in larger volume…and sifting and sorting.

      Even plain ones come in around $120 for him, and he does do 1/2 dozen. But yikes! That would break me. Which is why I shoot carbon anymore and build them myself…just plane jane shooters…nothing fancy.

      Ramin dowels and build your own???

    • cavscout9753
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      Good point on carbon being cheaper in the long run, maybe I should get soms GT Traditionals and soak my money into fletchings instead. Thanks for all of the leads. I will research all of them and look at how they stack up.

    • Robin Conrads
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      Also check out Kevin Forrester at http://www.forresterwoods.com and Archery Past at http://archery-past.net

    • Snag32
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      Cost of materials have gone up and make it hard to make and sell quality wood arrows for less than $100 a dozen. Might check out….


    • Dan Sweeney
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      I build all mine. You might want to try that. You could probably build your own trial set for less than what you would pay for someone to build them for you. If you don’t like them, sell the meager bit of stuff you invested in the process. But you’ll probably wind up building more….

    • shaneharley
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      I think Charlie gets 65 or 75 a dozen for tappered Douglas Fir arrows.

    • brucet
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      Put a “wanted” ad on the trading post on this site and see what happens ? I’m betting there are lots out there that someone built or bought that for whatever reason didn’t work out.


    • Forresterwoods
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      Webmother wrote: Also check out Kevin Forrester at http://www.forresterwoods.com and Archery Past at http://archery-past.net

      Thank you Robin. If I could make a correction the website for custom wood shafts is…www.forresterwoodshafts.com:D


    • TurkeyCommander
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      Veritas dowel maker

      Dowel inserts for arrow makers

      That is the same dowel maker I use to make Sitka spruce beauties. I had to buy a separate 11/32″ dowel insert to get the right diameter. If you’re willing to invest your own time and money into arrow smithing it really pays off. Think of how much a fully fletched set of woodies will run you today?

      You’ll be needing a lot more equipment obviously to complete the process from 1/2″ x 1/2″ billet or arrow stave, all the way to finished product.

      I’ll post pics of my operation sometime after hunting/Xmas season winds down. Haven’t turned out any arrows this month but I’ll have to soon.

      Other items you’ll need to look into, weight grain scale, sanding jigs because the shafts are rough cut, dip tubes for staining, access to good shafting material and ability to mill it to size, and a bitzenberger fletching jig to tie it all together.

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      Building your own? Check out SUREWOODSHAFTS from Jefferson, Oregon. That’s the only product my arrow building dude will use and I’m totally satisfied with them. But then, I’m just the weird lit’l Irish guy.

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