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    • ssumner1
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      I have been wanting to make my own arrows and I really would like to go the cheapest route I can due to lack of cash flow currently. Has anyone ever tried to use the oak dowel rods from Home Depot as the shafts for arrows before?


    • William Warren
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      I made some last year for stump shooting. They flew fine but if the grain runs diagonal expect them to break easily. If you can find any hickory dowels those will last indefinitely.


    • Duck816
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      I used to do that when i was younger . Anything straight and strong can be used as arrow shafting. However i would not hunt with them, at least not big game. they tend to break easily. Not to mention that the spine weight of and physical weight of the shafts can vary greatly. so go for it will at least get you started. if you just want to shoot some stumps, bunnies and squirrels

    • Clay Hayes
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      ssumner1 wrote: I really would like to go the cheapest route I can

      I’d be willing to bet that, no matter where you’re from there’s a natural arrow material growing not far from your home. So where ya from?

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