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  • Shaun Wegner-Clements
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    Hello everyone,

    I’m new to the forum but have been shooting traditional bow for about 8 years now. I haven’t taken any game with traditional equipment yet ( kids in school and sports and that whole work thing) but now with the kids getting older and interested in hunting I can get back to it and do some teaching and memory making as well.

    I do have a question about on bow in particular. I have a Bear Montana longbow that for some reason is the only bow I have that slaps my arm. I have several recurve bows and a Martin Savannah and none of them give me this issue. Only the Montana. Is this the one bow that might not work for me or are there some suggestions? I have tried different brace heights, grip etc. Not sure what to do next.

  • richard roop
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    Hi Shaun;

    There are folks here that know a whole lot more about longbows than I do but there is one thing that I have learned about single string bows in general.

    They’re a lot like women.

    Some you’ll flirt with and they’ll flirt back. Some you’ll just get along with and some you’ll be good friends with. And sadly,  once in a while, you’ll meet one that the only thing lower than your opinion of her is her opinion of you.

    Not every arrow matches every bow and not every bow matches every shooter.  Not much help, I know but the best I can do.

    Hopefully, somebody that knows what they’re doing will jump in with some good advice.



  • RalphRalph
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    I found this that may be of help


  • Stephen Graf
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    Could be a matter of brace height.    Y9u can’t really get away from using an arm guard with bows that sport lower brace heights.  Howard Hill shot straight limbed longbows and said that if the string wasn’t slapping your wrist, the brace height was too high.

  • aeronut
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    I’ve only had one bow that slapped my arm and it was a skinny little Osage selfbow that I made.  The reason was the grip.  The bow was made from a sliver off of a bigger stave and I thought it would make a nice kids bow.  It wound up being 42#@28″ and the limbs were only a hair over 1″ wide at the fades and the grip was that diameter.  I had to really concentrate on the way I held it when I shot.  It served me well for about four years and finally had a small crysal appear just above the grip area on the back of the bow.  I saw it after I came out of the woods and unstrung it.  I was real happy I did not draw back on a deer that morning.  I might have had a big knot or worse on my head.

  • NevenNeven
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    May be the way you hold it. My longbows would all slap me if I didn’t have my elbow slightly bent and pushed out. Easier to show then describe maybe they’re is a YouTube video to show it.

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