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    • mhay
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      Did that hunter get the shot ? Did he connect ?

      As another spring season approaches the memories of past seasons and hunts begin to flood the mind . The lessons learned as well as the many blunders I have committed in the attempts to ‘FOOL’ a rutting ol’Tom .

      I like hunting high pressured public land birds . They hear a wide variety of calling , from preseason to the final day . Hunters running through the woods owling ,crowing and making many ,many turkey vocalizations in an attempt to locate a gobbler and race to be the first one to get near the bird to try and get him to ‘COME LOOKIN’ for the artificial hen .

      The early season onslaught of hunters soon fades out with many leaving empty handed . By mid-week of the first week of season the woods are very quiet which allows a few hunters to slow down , ,,, exercise some patience and woodsmanship and fool some birds .

      Hunting these high pressured public land birds with a shotgun is tough . To get one with a bow is tougher yet . Doing it without a blind and decoy is no doubt the toughest .

    • David Petersen
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      Mhay said: “Hunting these high pressured public land birds with a shotgun is tough. To get one with a bow is tougher yet. Doing it without a blind and decoy is no doubt the toughest.”

      Tough, you bet, hunting non-agricultural forests for turkeys with a longbow is a top challenge. Blinds are useless since it’s all a walking game, so you have to get good at hunkering down fast in the nearest shade and count on blend-in clothing and zero movement for concealment. Getting that far is fun and in a good area can come repeatedly in a day. Being able to draw without being seen just when the bird is vulnerable, and many hens often watching, is the toughest part. So far as dekes, I’ve pretty much quit using them as you can only carry a couple at most on a long hike, a gobbler is often on you before you have time to get them out and you risk getting busted, and most toms either hang up, shy off or just haul-a.. when they see one or even two dekes. Best I’ve done is have toms circle a hen deke once or twice and then take off. Works for a shotgun but not a bow. So mostly I just go light, no blind and no dekes, and “walk and talk” then set up when I get a near reply, before calling any more. Finding an area with plenty of birds that aren’t gun-shy is the magic bullet, IMHO.

    • mhay
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      Typically here in the Ohio Valley most hens have been tended to and are on a nest or preparing to nest by the time our season opens .

      Last year we had a lot of above normal temps for a month before season . Made for a strange season to say the least .

      TOM TALK was what brought the gobblers in last year for me .

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