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    • Steve Sr.
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      Yeah………..right when you thought you got RID of me……..I’m BACK. ๐Ÿ™„

      SO happy to see Doc up and amongst the threads here, hopefully feeling 35 and spunky!

      Some good , some not so here on my end…….enough on that.

      Within the past year…..THIS old coot has ran his gauntlet on arrow changes, head changes, spine changes, fletching changes……FOC changes……dang it was FUN!

      SUPRISE! My miniscule testing matched Dr. Ashby’s…..imagine THAT!

      However…..all said and done, I came to a conclusion that at THIS (later) point in my life……the KISS method more fits my weary mind and tried soul.

      OR…..maybe I just got lazy. ๐Ÿ˜€

      FOC will always be measured and the arrow flight/penetration added to that vast emptiness within my noggin always begging for more info but for me, for now…..?

      simple, tried and true, mostly OLD equipment will bless my hands and accompany me afield for a bit, God willing.

      Lord knows this could all be a big mistake, lol, but for me ye olde woodies, heavy of weight, ancient (to most) broadheads and bows from yesteryear’s bowyers all seem to feed my soul somehow.

      Within the multiple arrows tried, high EFOC reached and even with OBVIOUS superior results………I felt something was “amiss”, something near and dear to me was…….absent.

      NOT being the sharpest tack in the proverbial box, it took me a bit to realize that it was the SIMPLICITY of old bows, standard wood arrows and heads that have stood the test of time were needed…….nea, MANDATORY…..for me.

      I will stand on my soapbox and support Dr.Ashby’s findings till “the cows come home” (youre a young whippersnapper if you’ve never heard THAT before )yet, forgive me if it seems to be purist, non conforming………….whatever label you wish to hang upon it, I’m going “back” to the bows and set ups of my youth, and before, actually.

      I have no real explanation except I hear the call of time before, from bowyers gone but not forgotten, and allowing them and their work to join me in what years I have remaining……will bless me in ways I cannot explain.

      But wish I could. Somehow, for me, it is a mandatory part of an old bowhunters life, paying tribute as best he can, to those before us whom gave so much.

      I’ll be around. Heck. Maybe Ill even have something to say worthwhile?? hmmmmmmm….I’ll have to give that contemplation as well.

      God Bless, one and all.
      Many THANKS….for those that were with me during a, not mentioned, rough period that seems to go on…unending.
      I have NOT forgotten.

      Steve Sr.

    • Homer
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      Steve Sr., as (for now) the newest guy on this block (this is only my second post unless I’ve already lost count), I’ve been watching from the peanut gallery for a longtime and missed your posts and your cool hat ๐Ÿ˜› picture and what clearly is, like a happy majority of others here, a happy honesty which makes you “worthwhile” no matter what. If speaking our minds politely is “worthless,” then what worth is silence? We come and we go. We suffer and we rejoice in “triumph” (or so my beloved Momma used to say). And no matter, it all ends the same. Shine your light, dim or bright, as it helps to bring those like me out of the darkness. Homer

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      The more the merrier and all that.

      If bringing someone out to join in is my only conquest……it shall be considered a happily victorious one!

      Besides…….I got a new hat too! ๐Ÿ˜€

      God Bless!

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384


      So glad you’re back! Missed you, and thought about you alot. I’ve still got my old bows waiting again for that call from before. It’s why I got them in the first place 20 some years ago. Look forward to reading your posts.


    • T Downing
      Post count: 233

      Welcome back Steve, your contributions to tradbow were definitely missed. God bless you and yours, T

    • stalkin4elk
      Post count: 63

      It takes some maturity to appreciate old skills,bows,guns,cars,hand craftmanship,cabins,simplicity,yellow notebooks and pencils,handshake agreements,old timers,etc. Please add to the list!

    • purehunter
      Post count: 63

      Good to hear from you. Sent you a PM.
      Happy to hear you are “back at it”.


    • Mark Turton
      Post count: 759

      Hi Steve, good to see you back new hat and all, I like to think of your approach as distilled down to an essence.

      Best regards, Mark.

    • IronCreekArcher
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      Steve I am back too! After almost two years in which I managed to graduate with my bachelors and have my first kid…a daughter, I too am following the tugs of the heart-strings. I have been shooting a compound (GASP! and I did shoot a decent buck in Ohio with it…DEPLORABLE) this past year due to a reconstructed shoulder but got to the point where I no longer feel the challenge with that equipment. I am picking back up the ol’widow with EFOC set-up and shootin’ a bunch of arrows no matter how much it hurts. Feels good to back…hopefully I will be around on a more regular basis. God Bless…


    • Patrick
      Post count: 1148

      Wow, it seems there’s a lot of people coming back from the virtual dead. Good to see you on here again Steve! I’ve missed your novel length posts! ๐Ÿ˜† (Sorry Steve, some things don’t change ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • Stumpkiller
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      I will stand on my soapbox and support Dr.Ashby’s findings till “the cows come home”

      I, more or less, do also. But I use a 125 gr single-blade, double-bevel broadhead and 30-1/2″ BOP cedar or Douglas fir shaft at 11+ gpp and by happy coincedence it comes out not being terrible by his observations. If it did, I’d probably still not change because that’s what I view as traditional equipment (and I’m to cheap to throw away 30+ years of accumulated bowhunting tackle and buy all new gear). If I eventually buy a 94# bow and gear-up to head off to Africa anytime in this lifetime I may follow his recommendations more closely.

      Currently, I am guessing I couldn’t draw a heavy enough bow to throw an arrow to a suitable trajectory that would get 20% EFOC on a wood shaft that alone weighs 470 grains. Nor do I care to learn how such a thing would be calculated. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      Could we move this to “Bows and Traditional Equipment?

      I’d like to share “search and rescue” efforts on “ye olde but ne’er forgotten” bows and heads. (well in some cases anyway)

      It may not be best placed within Doc’s threads and findings and with deepest respect for Doc and his work ask that this be moved to not water down anything here in the Lethality forum.

      or……….PM me if I should just start a new one?

      God Bless one and all!
      FORGIVE ME if I do not reply, individually, to each kind enough to post on my “thoughts”. I DO READ your posts….I promise and glad to see each one here welcoming me back. God willing, I shall be around a bit…….

      My tread may be growing heavier and following a different traditional path but it is one of those gone before us.

      Hopefully a few will find an interest in such as well.

      Steve Sr.

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Steve Sr. — you’re fine here, no worries. Relax and enjoy! Now, if we could just locate Dr. Ashby and get him to posting again.:D I hope he’s gone hunting. Dave p

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      Yes, indeed! Hoping the good Doctor is doing well! Thank you, David!

      Contemplations…..ah yes, those I’ve no shortage of. ๐Ÿ™„

      Equally as fortunate, if not more so, I have a few here that enjoy (or are kind enough to say they do, hehe) my off the wall rantings.

      “Going forward by going back” is my “motto” for this time of my life.

      Old heads and bows from our past, some kinda collectable……some just flat old “cheap” bows. Lordy I love looking at them!

      I picked up a 55 Polar, needing a little TLC, a 1958 (double shelf also) Pearson Cougar, some old bow made for Outdoor Sports from the 50s (toxhorn or toxglass? back) 60 inch, 55lbs and REALLY nice shape.

      My “new” bow, on the way yet is a double shelf, leather grip 59 Alaskan. The 59 and 60 Alaskans are the only double shelf bows from Bear Archery with one of the bear “coins” inlayed, at least that I KNOW of.

      While not as old as some, it’s uniqueness and “holloween” colors of walnut riser, black back and ORANGE belly, double shelf and leather grip (mine has the bolt in the leather grip for the side attach bow quiver) was a no brainer when I saw one. Pictures later on I hope. Ugly to some, “special” to me. Go figure. lol

      Important? naaa……just something not like everyone else’s mostly. ๐Ÿ˜€ One naggling and lingering thought continues to leap to my mind…….based on looking at the “other” arrowrest on the other side of these bows. Hmmm……I wonder. Could I? ๐Ÿ™„ Curious minds HAVE TO KNOW!
      (just one….just shoot ONE deer “lefty”!!!) ๐Ÿ˜†

      This is the first I’ve shot many of the double shelf bows. Centershot they are not of course yet “something” about them, be it the double shelf or the combo of such with a leather grip that “fits me” and danged if they dont SHOOT GREAT for me!

      Fickle ( and not well off) old fart that I am….a couple bows above are going to “go” and a bow search is in process for one “older yet” at least in style but preferably made in the era they were popular. That is one of the “no fiberglass” laminated or not, bows mostly of the 40s.

      A few osage versions pop up here and there. Some formed into slight or “semi” recurve styles. When one I see jumps up and screams “take me HUNTIN’!!” Ill know which it is Ill buy (funds allowing of course).

      Tis a rather fun challenge within itself swapping and trading, ending up with “the one” of the hour. Perhaps it’s just more time and effort invested that increases the appreciation? Food for thought there IMHO.

      HEADS…..oh my what a group to choose from!
      SO FAR the small list includes
      1957 Little Shaver heads which take “injector” razor blades
      1948 Ivanoe
      1952 Lafond’s Lightning
      Ace Alaskan four blade and Ace African four blade, both from the 60s but too neat not to include.

      To be swapped or haggled for yet is, and not limited to:
      All from the 40s,are any of the Ace Standard, Ace Big Game and Ace High Speed of that era. The “trick” is not to find them only……but finding them at a price “doable”. EEEgads!
      Probably a few Ben Pearsons as well. Unsure of which just yet but only a couple. Can’t leave Ben out! Deadheads I have, something from the earlier decades will leap forward into the conglomeration I’m sure.

      About now, the head collectors are grabbing their chests in angst over using a couple of them in the woods knowing quite well……it may not be coming back with you. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      My thoughts there?
      These heads were made for a purpose and time is running out for us all to enjoy what we enjoy. Each season enjoyed, time spent out “amongst em” is yet one more gone, not to be revisited other than in memories and photos.

      It’s a quest of mine to make them as unique as I can.

      Material things are simply that…….material and will someday be gone, yet memories, satisfaction, a “quest” achieved……whatever label one wishes to put upon it, or all the above, will live within you and I feel are part of an ever continuing “self improvement” endeavor that many of us (ok, FINE……ME?) feel is a prerequiste ror a full and interesting life. Like all things, the end result is mostly due to personal effort.

      MORE LATER ON…….should this be of interest. Photos to follow when the end group of equipment is assembled.

      LOOK OUT DEER…….Ye Olde Steve and Olde arsenal cometh!

      God Bless and thanks for enduring my posts.
      Steve Sr.

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      A horrible photo as way of a “sneak preview”!

      Trade, Swap, Sell, Barter and Sometimes BUY…….I think I might have settled on “stuff” for a few years to come.

      You guys know you can order ACE heads in single bevel? Just FYI. Was news to me. Maybe not the blade thickness some feel needed for a good single bevel?….but hey, “news”. lol

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      SEE? I CAN make short posts!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Is there a link to info on the Ace single-bevels?

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      No, David.

      That is why I thought I would post this info. (after I asked Bob for permission TO do so, of course.)

      I found a couple Ace Super Express in Left bevel and emailed Bob about them and he replied back that you can order any of their heads in either bevel at no extra cost.

      I think a link is a good idea too but for some reason you just need to tell them when you order and they will make them for you.

      God Bless
      Steve Sr.

      Here is a copy of the email.

      “Hi Steve:

      Thanks for your email. Glad you like the Super Express broadhead.

      Yes, we do offer any of our broadheads ground in a single bevel as a special order at no extra charge. You may post that info on threads if you wish.

      All of our broadhead styles have a longer ferrule, which allows them to fit on 5/16 shafts with no problem.

      Thanks for your interest in Ace Archery Tackle.

      Best Regards,

      Bob Mayo”

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      I gotta say though……the 200 grain (actually mine weigh in at 215??) in single bevel should be a “bone smashing success”! (if a shot should “happen” to hit bone).

      My 2 cents

      God Bless

    • Homer
      Post count: 110

      I wonder if the longer ferule Bob mentions will allow these heads to take standard screw-in adapters, which I believe are 5-degree taper for 11/32. That would pop ’em up to 320 or better for some great FOC. Wonder also what the broadhead bevel angle is on the single-bevels (25-degrees, in line with Ashby’s findings, seems to be shaping up as standard) and steel hardness. Guess I’ll check their website rather than asking all these dumb questions. Homer

    • Steve Sr.
      Post count: 344

      Photo of one on an aluminum insert so they will fit steel ones IMO.

      Next to a WW…..looks kinda LARGE. lol

      God Bless

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