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    • Charles Ek
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      Some of you already know what I mean. Let this be a cautionary tale for the rest of you.

      Some time back my wife gave me a Skookum Dual Stalker bow quiver, which holds a pair of single-blade, two-edge broadheads like my Zwickey Eskimos. It’s a nifty rig, and it worked like a charm right up to the point the sheath separated from the small rivet-like tube holding it to the bow clamp. I’ve meant to fix or return it but didn’t get that done yet.

      Today I was out on an errand and decided on a whim to swing by some known turkey haunts just to see what’s going on. We have a bumper crop of birds in NH this year. Sure enough, there was a flock of about fifteen birds in the middle of a certain hay meadow, 1500 yards long by 250 yards wide. There was one very nice gobbler, a couple smaller but still nice, plus a slug of hens and birds of the year. My longbow and Asbell quiver with three broadheads, two blunts and a judo point were all in the car from a recent foray. I also happened to have a camo wool jacket, camo Jones hat, and a headnet. The wind was roaring and gusting through the oak forest at 25-30 mph, which meant near-complete disguise for any sound I might make. So it was an easy choice to stop and have a go at it.

      I drove a few hundred yards north, parked my car and got ready. I looked at the quiver and decided to take just a single arrow to keep my profile to a minimum, figuring I’d get one shot and that would be all that would be likely. I started working my way south back to the birds by staying just inside the woods on the far side of the meadow.

      There are two narrow fingers of woods poking into the meadow from the far side away from the road. Got to the first finger, cautiously crept along it: no birds. Back into the woods, over to the second finger: No birds. I figured they must have scurried off to the south and started making plans to find them beyond the second finger. Oops, there they were, about 150 yards away, coming out of a very shallow depression between me and the road. A couple of birds of the year saw me and started getting just a touch hinky, but I scooted smoothly into the woods without the toms seeming to notice.

      If you’ve come this far, I promise the journey will be worth it.

      Back to the far side of the first finger. I planned to work my way out to the point and hope they came over near it. Just as I started moving slowly, I caught movement to the left, on the other side of the finger. A tom, working his way calmly in the opposite direction of mine, was headed toward his side of an opening through the finger. When he got there he’d be about 22-23 yards from me. I nocked the arrow and drew just before he crossed the opening slowly without a care in the world.

      When the arrow struck the ground right under his feet, he jerked one wing, saw nothing and continued on his way. Followed by Boss Gobbler, who was then followed by every single bird in the flock, walking in the footsteps of the first bird.

      I waited until they passed and I actually retrieved the arrow without being noticed. But by that time they were into the woods. I left them for tomorrow.

      See, I told you it would be worth it, for both its educational and entertainment value. Now I have to go find a way to get these tears off my keyboard …

    • Ralph
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      😀 Yep, it usually only takes one arrow for the kill but it seems to be question here of which arrow will it be? Not the one you ain’t got for sure! :D:D Good read! Good luck tomorrow, Ralph.

    • Raymond Coffman
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      enjoyed the story, and good luck in the future –but

      “one is none, two is one, three is better”– quote from an old friend of mine, which is very true! with any piece of equipment that is important–


    • archer38
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      Ouch !! Been there, that hurts !! Just think of it this way, It will be that much sweeter when you redeem yourself the next time ! Great story !!

    • Wexbow
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      Great story but tough lesson 🙁

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