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    • maddawg
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      In the market for new arrows. I like aluminum and plan on staying with them. Need options on a what is the heaviest arrows available and what would be the right size for my bow. Shooting a Bear Kodiak magnum, 27inch draw length and 50 lb draw with 125 grain point..

    • jpcjpc
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      Just add carbon shaft in your alu arrow until you get wheight you ‘r looking for

      This is the way we (all ) did 25 years ago

      Now alu shafts are prehistoric weapons Better use wood if want be trad

    • RalphRalph
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      Have you Googled and found an old Easton Al arrow chart?

      Al are harder to get heavy and not too stiff than the new modern trad carbon. 😀

      I don’t know if all of the old options are available anymore.

      2016’s would probably work fine @ 28″ and a 125 gr. point. Maybe a 145 gr. There’s not as many options for al. The guys that shot heavy al arrows for bigger game animals were shooting heavy weight bows. Back in those days, just at the beginning of my shooting time, 55# + bows were the norm in places where I was going to.

      I have some 2016’s that I shoot sometimes out of several bows weighing from 45-54# but normally when I do I shoot one of my recurves. More center shot can handle stiffer arrows.

      I’d find an old Easton al chart and check it out.

      Back in those days not many were concerned about shooting way heavy arrow unless like I mentioned, they were after animals like elephant, cape buff or big guys like that. Then they’d put smaller shafts inside larger. Carbon? Nah. The other alternatives then were fiberglass or wood.

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      When I was shooting Al out of my Wasp 45#, I shot 2016s with 175 gr points and they flew very nicely. I bet you could start with that shaft and your points and get a good tune. I got most of mine on the auction when many folks were trading for carbon. I could get odd lots for pretty cheap. Have fun. Dwc

    • jpcjpc
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      I am heavy arrows unconditional but I have to admit I killed some nice black bears in Canada with 55 Lbs compound and 2117 easton arrows with 125 grains blade

      On an other hand with a 50 Lbs recurve I passed through a 170 Lbs wild boar ( and some others ) always with 2117 and 125 blade. One of my friends killed two African bigs buffalos with a Dwyer 60 Lbs Long Bow and 750 grains arrow single blade browhead

      I believe placement and razor single blades are the key

    • wojo14
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      I love shooting my aluminum 2016 camo hunters out of my striker longbow. I am drawing 47# out of my bow and have arrows cut to 28.5″ with 200g points.

      I like aluminum and wood better than carbon. Just my opinion.8)

      I think 2016 will work great out of your bow.

    • Bernie Clancey
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      I am shooting 2016’s out of a 45 lb Kodiak Magnum. Mine are cut at 27.5″ and I have been shooting 125 grain heads. I do not really like the way this combo shoots and I find the arrows a little stiff and shooting to the left of where I am looking.

      So I tried some 200 grain heads on them and they fly much better and quiet the bow much better. So now it is the 2016’s with 200 grain heads and a 33 grain insert. For broadheads I am going to shoot 145 grain Journeymen’s, with a 34 grain adapter and 33 grain insert. Hoping these shoot as well as the target points.

      I think the 2016’s would work well in your bow, but you should follow the tuning guide on Tuffheads web page to get the correct arrow length for your bow, draw length, and head selection (http://www.tuffhead.com/education/tuning%20the%20efoc%20shaft.html)

    • StixStix
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      FYI, Easton came out with a new “Tribute” line of aluminums. They are 7075 alloy (XX75) , and low cost. A dozen shafts goes for $37 and some change on amazon. They are only available in 2016 and lighter. I just ordered a dozen. I’ll fletch them up and report back an a couple weeks.

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