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    • gigglemonk
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      Hi all

      I’ve got a fair bit of leftover juniper, Osage, black locust and ash from making bows. I’m thinking I can scrounge up a dozen or so arrows. I’ve used ash and heard bl makes a fine arrow. Anyone ever experiment with juniper and Osage?

    • David Petersen
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      Giggles — I once make some Osage arrows and found them to be too heavy to use, and very inconsistent in weight from shaft to shaft. I think you’d have to make a hundred shafts to get a good weight match on a dozen, and then you’d have a dozen good wood fish arrows. 😀 Seriously, my attempt was limited and so may not be representative. If you use a woodstove, I find that bow scraps make excellent kindling.

    • Troy Breeding
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      When I was producing shafts I tried osage and black locust. Did a test run with both materials producing approx 300 of each shaft. Spine was all over the place. Weight was heavy to super heavy. I don’t remember getting a full dozen matched shafts from either run.

      I know that sounds a little strange with that many shafts, but thats just a fact of life when making shafts.


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