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    • jpcjpc
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      After camo Cover sent

      In my 26 bowhunting years I tried all I could find as cover hunter

      Some seams working fine other not but how to know if game escape because of my odor or anything else I remember a red deer so close from ( on the ground) that he touched my arrow with his nose I saw deep in his eyes

      Of course was a young one but I still remember this very close Impressive encounter

      For years after trying lot of sent cover I deduced that the cover feels cannot be same in every region

      In Canada I used to enclose my hunting clothes in a plastic bag with a spruce branch after have washing them with backing soda

      Here in South France first game is wild boar and this animal is known and recognized for its fantastic smell. So I put to soak all my hunting clothes including shoes hat gloves socks in a baking soda bath

      I rinse with clean water and sprayed My sent cover Then I keep clothes in an hermetically close bag

      What is my sent cover made with ?

      I use three common fragrant plants in my area :

      Lavender, thyme and pine that I boil in water ( 2 hours )and I filter multiple times

      I have the best cover as possible natural not chemical Spray chemical cover a mask or scarf that you will wear on the face you are guaranteed to cough for hours

      Obviously, if I go hunting in a region these plants do not exist in the wild I do not use it

      When I ‘m hunting in an area where I know I will come back I collect specific plants to the region to prepare “ regional” scent look

      So I bottled several French regionals odor And after backing soda shower before in the woods it works

    • grumpygrumpy
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      Vinegar works better than baking soda, especially after diapers have leaked, or doing construction @ 90*. Believe me I’ve done both and the vinegar beat the baking soda hands down. Also like to put a bag of cedar chips in the dryer. Both the vinegar, and cedar are frugal (not cheap) and easy.

    • Murray
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      Grumpy, exactly how do you use the vinegar? Plus, I like the idea of cedar chips in the dryer. As a baby-sitting Grandpa, I’m often exposed to diapers, in all their stages.


    • grumpygrumpy
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      Dump a cup of the vinegar in with the detergent.


    • SteveMcD
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      Yeah, I’m an Aqua Velva Man myself! 😀

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