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      First off thank you for taking the time and looking at my post. I was givin a long bow, its a 65 pound black hawk brave made near the major city of my area Pittsburg. Its a beauitfully crafted bow made with red fiber glass on the inside and green on the outside. I had a string put on it and it shoots fine, aside from nearly cutting off my finger prints. The only thing that worries me is two hair line cracks in the fiber glass on the inside near the bottom. Is this a problem should i be worried? Like i said it shoots fine but i was worried that this would be a problem. I was really excited because after looking at long bows at gander moutain i found other long bows to be expensive.

      Any advice is helpful thanks for taking time to look/answer.


    • Fletcher
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      Longitudinal cracks in glass generally are not an issue as long as they dont run off an edge. Lateral cracks in the glass are prone to failure. Many lateral cracks however, are only in the finish; they are not an issue, either.

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