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    • RalphRalph
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      My playing and learning experience messing with carbon arrows has other uses also it seems. I’ve had these 5 125 gr. screw in BH’s (#6 was misplaced traveling on it’s way towards a mule deer buck) for several years and I’ve been shooting wood so not needed. Lately with carbons I’ve been using heavier points and find my aluminum’s shoot better with some weight forward also. Being retired and more so frugal than in years past I figured this trick for adding weight to carbon front ends, why not.

      The brass screws cut to 20 gr. (patience is the key on the first one) and secured with some Loctite. Saved a bunch $$ not having to buy some more Mangus BH’s. Pic is a bit fuzzy using phone camera but OK. Sorry.

      Maybe using 145 gr. when arrow flew over buck would have had different outcome. :))

    • jmsmithy
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      Brilliant ! 8)

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