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    • cody
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      Just a quick question. Has anyone used those adapter points that let you use screew in points on wood shafts? Are the worth crap or are they a waste? I go back and forth from targets to stumping to hunting a lot and they make sence to use them just for convience, plus adding a little extra weight up front, but I havent really heard of many people using them so I didn’t know if there was something I didn’t know about them. Thanks for any imput

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Cody — I have tried them — and threw them away. Yes they are handy but so far as I can determine come only in aluminum, adding next to no weight up front and adding a very weak link to what’s already the weakest part of a wood arrow. If they came in steel they’d be worth trying, but not the aluminums. I tried two brands, both much the same, worthless in my opinion. 🙁 Dave

    • L82HUNT
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      They do seem to ad another weak spot to the arrow.

    • cody
      Post count: 87

      Yeah I kind of figured that. It does create a dead spot between the tip threads and the end of the shaft. I’ll just leave them alone, thanks for the info and for saving me a little money.

    • Mark Turton
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      I fitted them to the last batch of wooden arrows I made, and the shafts broke quite regularly right where they enter the adapter, in their defence I never made the straightest wood arrows.

      Certainly would not have enough confidence to use them for hunting.


    • cody
      Post count: 87

      I wouldn’t have thought about them making the shaft break. Humm I guess they are junk. Oh well money saved. Thanks for the advice

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Cody — in addition to the aluminum adaptors themselves being a weak point, they introduce a long “lever arm” that magnifies the “weight” of the broadhead as it translates to the point where adaptor meets wood, greatly magnifying the impact pressure on angled hits. As with so much in discussions of gear, given a “perfect shit” — which includes an absolutely straight-on hit into soft flesh and no bones, we can say “Hey, they worked great for me!” But life — and in the case of bowhunting, death — ain’t perfect and that’s what we have to prep for as best we can. As one searching for high FoC woodies and the other benefits of screw-in points, I too was as disappointed as you, but as usual for me learned the hard way. The next experiment I wish some innovative manufacturer would make available to play with would be a combo WoodyWeight and screw-in adaptor. It could be kept really short and, made of steel, still add good front-end weight as a glue-on screw-in adaptor, while keeping the lever-arm effect minimal. We gotta keep trying! 🙄 dave

    • Stephen Graf
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      I know how you feel about a “perfect shi…” they can be few and far between, but when you have one, a person tends to smile all day!!! 😆

      But I wonder, when it comes to wood, if we aren’t trying to make it do too much by coming up with ways to change it’s nature. We make our peace with traditional bows being what they are. We don’t try to make self bows more than they are, we just make em the best we can and go with it.

      Maybe wood arrows are the same. We can make them tapered, barrel shaped, laminated, whatever. But trying to make a wood arrow EFOC may just be too much.

      If you want EFOC super killer arrows, use carbon. If you are willing to live with the limits of a wood arrow, then use wood in any of it’s myriad shapes and species.

      Just keep trying for that perfect shi..i er mean shot!! 😳

      2 cents from a guy that uses carbon to hunt cause he knows he can’t be counted on for a perfect shot every time.

    • Bert
      Post count: 164

      Thanks Dave for my first morning laugh and for Steve adding to it- Don’t you dare edit your post! We may have start a new thread if this is going the way I know it is!
      Query- is a “perfect shot” when you hit what your aiming at and a “perfect shi…” when you miss?
      Dave, you may have added, inadverdently, a new phrase into Toxophilic lexicon- Kudos! Did the Mexican food have anything to do with it?
      By the way, the aluminum adaptors suck.
      Bert aka BrightRaven(HalfaHun has met his demise)

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