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    • David Petersen
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      Pete Seeger died two days ago. He may not have been a traditional bowhunter (hard to pull off in Greenwich Village, though our bud Alex Bugnon does it in Harlem) … but he was as fine an example of a man with traditional American values as we could ever hope to find. In a final interview before he died he noted “How foolish it is for a man to seek money, power and glory in his life!” One of his favorite sayings, a powerful metaphor for not selling out, was: “When the King puts the Poet on his payroll, he cuts off the Poet’s tongue.”

      Thanks Pete, and so long, it’s been good to know ya.

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    • tailfeather
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      Heard it on the news this am. What a legend!

    • Col MikeCol Mike
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      A great citizen of this republic—won’t say anymore as will get into those areas this site rightly discourages.

      A great mentor through the troubled times -Thanks Pete.


    • paleoman
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      He was before my time for the most part. But what he stood for seems as rare as ever. Another type of Patriot if you ask me.

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      Heard his songs sung around many a campfire. My Dad loved nothing more than to play whatever stringed instrument he had at the time and sing all those songs and the songs of others late into the night.

      RIP Pete

    • skinner biscuitskinner biscuit
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      You could say he was a national treasure but beyond borders…Rest well Pete.

    • Dave Nash
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      His influence goes beyond his music.One of my hero’s for over fifty plus years. Pete and Woody Guthrie changed the direction of our great country for the better IMO.

      Play on guys.Sure hope they reunite wherever that might be.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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