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    • lyagooshka
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      Well, I got my new bow and my new arrows. I am happy. But as I go out to shoot, I am having an issue. I figured I would see if I could get some advice here. The string keeps slapping me right on the wrist. It is further down than the arm guard can go. I have tried adjusting my hold, but it still happens. The top picture is of me after a few arrows. I am wondering if the string is too close to the bow (not leaving enough room) The bottom picture is of an arrow nocked with the bow strung. It’s allso a little bit of a PITA with drawing the feathers along the shelf. Bit noisy, especially in a hunting situation.

      If this is the cause, what is the solution? If not, what is and what do I do about the noise the feathers make as I draw the bow back? Thanks all for the help.


    • Troy Breeding
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      Well, the first thing I see is that the brace heigth is too low. Unstring and twist the string tighter. Or better yet find a shorter string. The distance from the string to the grip of the bow should be somewhere around 7″.

      One way to tell if your getting close to the right brace heigth is the feathers should not touch the riser shelf.


    • Toehead
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      definitely brace height! I was just shooting a new to me hill longobow i recently traded fore and notices a lot of string slap. Eyeballed the brace height and it was about 1.5 inches to short, twisted her up and she’s firing on all cylenders again, no noise, no slap.

    • handirifle
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      Yea that brace height is way too low. good advice above.

      Most likely the bow will shoot better, and quieter when it’s correct, also.

    • ChumpMcgee
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      Yup…same goes with everyone above…brace height. Get yourself a bow square and measure from the deepest part of the throat of the riser to your sting. Talk to the manufactures to see what there recommended brace height for the bow. I played around with the brace height on my new bow quite a bit. I have put my brace height all the way up to 8 inches on my long bow…shot well but my gosh it was loud…I brought my brace height down to 6.5 inches and slapped the crap out of my arm. I have found the sweet spot for my bow is right around 7-1/4 inch to 7-3/4 inch.

      Youtube brace height adjustments too if you are still unclear on what to do. I am sure you will be able to find something on there.

    • lyagooshka
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      Thank you all for the advice. I contacted Elmer Patton, at Crow Creek Bows with the issue. He agreed about the string length and sent me out a new string. I made all the adjustments and it is a world of difference. Everything works (the shooter, not so much). So it’s time to get out and practice. Antlerless opens in 3 weeks in my area, and general archery in 5. Thanks again for all the help and thanks to Mr. Patton for the great customer service.



    • George D. Stout
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      Alex, low brace height can cause problems with string slap. A good way to look at brace height on bows, is to use the fistmele (old) measurement for longbows, and a hand-span for recurves.

      The fistmele…for most traditional style longbows, is simply making a fist and extending the thumb. For most folks it will be from 6 to 6 1/2 inches.

      The hand-span…for recurves and many hybrids, is spreading the fingers on the hand open, and measuring from the tip of the thumb, to the tip of the little finger. Usually about 8 to 8 1/2 inches. When you don’t have tools, use that to check starting brace.

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