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    • George D. Stout
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      I did this video last February, in a 15MPH cross wind..DUH. But I wanted to show two things. One, that the short 52″ Kodiak Magnum was a good hunting bow out past twenty yards. Don’t know how many times I heard, “they are only good for close in shooting.” And the other, “you can’t shoot an elevated rest and cant the bow.” So to kill two birds with one arrow, I made this video. Hope you enjoy it.

    • Crystalshrimp
      Post count: 125

      I need to keep sharpening my skills. Great shooting! That bow is in good hands..

    • rwbowman
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      Very well done! I’ve shot a 52″, 55# indian mohawk all summer long and absolutely agree with you on the accuracy of a short bow. The accuracy is there- all in the stability of the shooter.

    • FUBAR
      Post count: 252

      Wow, good shooting. Also good video. Thanks for sharing

    • lyagooshka
      Post count: 600

      I’d be happy to do that at 10 yards that consistantly. Great shooting. Thanks for sharing.



    • Stephen Graf
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      It didn’t look like you canted the bow that much… Not perfectly vertical, but not much cant from looking at the little picture on my ‘puter.

      you like elevated rests?

    • George D. Stout
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      Steve….canting is anything other than vertical. My bow is between 1 and 2 O:Clock, so it’s canted, and the elevated rest doesn’t have any detrimental effect at that yardage….or even longer yardage.

      I’ve been using an elevated rest since 1967, so it’s been awhile. They are simple, easy to replace in the field, and they also are very easy to tune arrows to. Don’t use them on longbows since there is so little space there anyway.

    • Michael Scott
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      I have a little bit later model (green wood) Kodiak Magnum, and love shooting it. I cant both of my recurves to somewhere between 1 and 2 o’clock. Any farther, and my shots start dropping lower and lower. My K-Mag is marked as 55x, and when I took the strike plate off (it was falling off), I found a 57 written underneath. I was told by an older gentleman I know that that is the actual draw weight of the bow at 28″. It is a fun little bow to shoot. Very light weight and easy to move around.

    • David Coulter
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      Hi George,

      I dug this video up to watch again. Very nice. One thing that strikes me is that you’re confident enough to put your camera on top of the bale even for 40 yard shots. I think I’d put it behind an old windshield if I was doing the shooting. Thanks for putting up your videos. best, dwc

    • mhay
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      Very impressive Mr. Stout .

      I actually got a twinge of anxiety ,anticipating that first arrow coming straight at me .

      Many years ago I used elevated rests too . I too generally cant between 1-2 o’clock .

      Good shooting !!!

    • shotsome
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      Eyee, Mr. Stout,,,you have done that before,,,:D

      Could you show us a picture of the rest you made for this bow?

      Thanks, Ernest

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      George, I am SO jealous of your shooting, and your ability to switch between bows and arrows and still be so good. It ain’t me.

    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2270

      Jealous is right. Hats off to you George. dwc

    • Charles Ek
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      A most excellent demonstration and lesson.

      An archer needs a lightweight bow when carrying it as far into the “field” as that. 😀

    • codger
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      I used to havea 48″ 65lb Bear supermag i used to train with when i shot it decently my mongobw shooting was very good learnging to hold the short bow and shoot it well really paid off when swithcing back to a longbow. I was shooting off the shelf though. Nice shooting and good video work.

    • birddogdoc
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      Loved the video!

      I have 3 kmags…1961, 1967, and 1972ish. I love em!

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