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    • SteveMcD
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      Well.. I was pleasantly surprised today, as I went out earlier this morning to do some shooting before the heat and humidity of the day kicked in. As I posted previously in “Getting Ready for Fall”, I’ve made up a bunch of 4 Fletch 4 inch parabolic arrows. I was skeptical at first because I’d always preferred 5 inch shield cut…. 3 Fletch and barred of course (everyone knows they’re more traditional! LOL! 😆 ) After havig the opportunity to pick up these 4 inch AMG parabolics from a Trad Gang Sponsor, and reading different people’s opinions about 4 fletch arrows, I thought no time like the present to give them a try. What I found was (although not chrono’ed) they certainly seemed to stabilize the arrow quicker, it appeared to me I was getting flatter trajectory. They also seemed to fly faster and hit a little harder – I like that part considering better penetration. So.. less drag, stabler arrow flight, faster arrow. I’m sold. I like that!:D

    • Tj Craig
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      Have been using 4 fletch for about ten years love the stability they give.

    • Hubertus
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      I use the same setup, Steve (4×4″). I just like being able to nock an arrow without looking at where the cock-feather is.

    • Jarrod Feiner
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      I’ve been shooting 4 fletch for a few years, and I’d never go back-especially for hunting when the shot is close. To see the arrow come out like a flu-flu…it’s a beautiful thing.

      Just one bald guy’s opinion.

    • Hubertus
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      Actually, that makes 2 bald guys’ opinions. 🙂

    • MontanaFord
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      I shoot 4-fletch, typically set up on a 105/75 pattern on the bitzenberger, but it doesn’t seem to matter if the 105 hits the riser or the 75 hits…the feathers fold down the same…i also like being able to nock an arrow without having to worry about a cock feather, tho the cock feather when i have shot 3 fletch didn’t seem to bother arrow flight enough to be noticeable…as for feather length, well, that seems to be along the same lines of “is wood better or is aluminum or carbon?”…all personal preference, i think….the 5” feathers, yeah, they obviously weigh a touch more, but i don’t think it’s enough to slow your arrow down enough to worry about…perhaps the extra feather weight helps with penetration? lol…who knows…i’m no expert by any means…just another guy going bald….so that makes 3 in a row…


    • SlowBowInMO
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      I really like 4 fletch as well, but had to switch back to 3 when I went to 3 under about 10 years ago. Unfortunately 4 fletch distracts my sight picture at full draw when I shoot 3 under.

      They sure look good though, stabilize fast and I liked being able to shoot your arrow any way you want.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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