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    • jason samkowiak
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      I have been tuning arrows for my new longbow and had to satisfy a curiosity. So I took a few shot at 20 yards with a big magnus 1.5inch wide broadhead on a bare shaft with 30% efoc. Pretty interesting.

    • smiley1
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      Jason. Yes, that is very interesting. A properly tuned UEFOC arrow has many advantages over common FOC arrows as Dr. Ashby has proven on many occasions. I bare shafted a 34% FOC shaft with 300 gr Tuffheads with similar results. The amount of fletching needed to stabilize a broadhead is minimal. Thanks for the video.


    • DK
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      Really cool. Thanks for sharing. I am only at 24% but my arrow is 32.5 inches long. My total weight is 700. If I try for 30% my total arrow will be almost to heavy. But you have sold me on it. I will try to shave my feathers down and add a little more up front.

      Thanks again DK

    • Ed Ashby
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      Smiley1 wrote: The amount of fletching needed to stabilize a broadhead is minimal. … Steve

      Right on, Steve. Even though the tuning isn’t yet ‘perfect’ on those arrows the video still shows just how little fletching stabilixation is required to overcome the broadhead’s windshear on an arrow with extremely high amounts of FOC. Any amount of fletching stabilization above what is required to overcome the broadhead’s windshear effect, under all wind and shooting conditions, is merely making noise and detracting from the arrow’s downrange performance.


    • Doc Nock
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      Thanks, Dr. Ed!

      I was pretty sure, (but don’t trust my aging memory much) that UEFOC and EFOC tend to require little or zip fletch to stabilize broadheads, but didnt’ want to post so…

      I’ve known some who are deterred from EFOC arrow development and tuning because they claim after the time consuming part of cutting from the rear (Troy’s tuning process) then you have to do it all over again with fletched and then broad heads…

      I thought perhaps I was just stupid lucky but once I got my arrow flying and hitting right tail orientation IN A HOMOGENOUS TARGET MATERIAL that didn’t alter the arrow’s path coming to rest, I was just fortunate to have broad heads land exactly the same… as field points.

      I’ll take lucky anyday…

    • Troy Breeding
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      DK wrote: Jason,

      If I try for 30% my total arrow will be almost to heavy.

      Thanks again DK

      You didn’t just say that!!!! No such thing!!!

    • DK
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      When i get into the high 700 or 800 it seems like my arrow starts to drop significantly. I feel like my 700 grain arrow is perfect for elk. It flys really well and it hits hard. However, the video did inspire me to switch from 3 five inch feathers to 4 three inch feathers with no wrap and a turbulator. that brought my foc up without adding extra weight and I must say my broad head flight is better than ever.


    • Dan Jackowiak
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      I tried this today with a Tusker Concorde, 30% foc out to 20 yards, it works. I think I have a few tuning issues to work out so I’ll do some more shooting tomorrow. 😀

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