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      Counting down the days here in western NY. A few years ago I went to an LPGA game with my Dad and there was a rack of free out of date magazines, one of which was a Traditional Bowhunter issue. I devoured it again and again, and then subscribed. Thats when the fever set in. I picked up a 50# bear montana and some random easton alumminum arrows. I couldn’t hit the bread side of the barn. Over the last year I learned alot from the magazine, this forum and TJ Conrads book. I was transfixed by traditional archery videos on youtube. I got my wife shooting a recurve for a fun activity we can do together (shes actually quite good). My set up and technique has changed and developed to where I am very comfortable out to 15 yards (it came after I finally switched to three under/ string walking, just works for me). Tonight I just got back in from a little stump shooting in the woods out back and I finally feel ready to apply what I’ve learned. The arrows just seemed to go where I looked, as if my bow and I have finally come to terms and become “one”. Deer season starts mid october here and now that my confidence has finally arrived I feel the pull of the wild. Best of luck to all who are already in season (I’m not jealous or anything:wink:) and to everyone else as well.

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      Shawhill —
      Sounds like you’ve got your shooting where you want it–best of luck in the upcoming season-s.

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