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      Well, after 2 years of shooting this recurve i finally felt confident enough to take hunting this season and it paid off for me Saturday afternoon. Had 3 does slip in and i took the biggest of the 3 and i tell you…after the long hard work I’ve put in for the switch to traditional, i couldnt be more proud and honored for this deer. A ten point with a rifle couldn’t even come close to the pride I felt with traditional equipment even on a doe, which is really why I quit rifle hunting 4 years ago. It almost feels like when you were a kid and killed your first deer, and i’m loving the high. Hopefully this the first of many to come. I am officially a traditional bowhunter, and i aint turning back. Thanks for the ear!

    • Charles Ek
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      CONGRATULATIONS! 😀 Let’s hear more details if you like.

    • Cottonwood
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      Congrats man, I know your feeling.

    • David Petersen
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      msarcher — you describe the feeling perfectly. And the best part is that with traditional it never goes away! The more of ourselves we put into anything, the greater the rewards. Big congrats. dave

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      Congrats on a fine doe.

    • strait-aero
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      Congratulations on a fine trophy of a doe. You see, now they’re all trophies. You can’t beat the feeling.:D

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      Strait-Aero wrote: Congratulations on a fine trophy of a doe. You see, now they’re all trophies. You can’t beat the feeling.:D

      You’re definitely right…they are all trophies now! and thanks to everyone on the congrats.

    • blade
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      Congrats on a fine trophy!

    • bruc
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    • William Warren
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      Congratulations on your first Traditional deer!

    • wildschwein
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      Awesome job! Hopefully I’ll kill my first one this weekend.

    • YankeeRedneck
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      Sweet! Good job!:lol:

    • makesmoosecry
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      congrats! i got my first trad buck last friday night. gave up compounds and guns 3 yrs ago, done with those things…

    • Bigbearclaw
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      Now you know what it is all about,congratulations

    • mike70
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      Congrats. Nice doe!

    • DAbersold
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      VERY COOL! Welcome to the brotherhood.:D

    • MI-doug
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    • tom-wisconsin
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      Great hunt, congrats


    • Chris Shelton
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      nothing else in the world like it!! congrats!!!

    • Tailchaser
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      Yep, No such thing as “Just a Doe” when you take them with Trad equipment. That is one beautiful shiny doe.

    • cgchris
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      Congratulations!! I have put my 1 year old comound aside and am trying to get my first traditional deer. I have already had more fun in the woods. Chris

    • parsonrider
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      Hey, Hey, congratulations. What a beautiful animal.:)

    • 3blades
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      Great accomplishment. ❗

    • heydeerman
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      Feel good for ya man. Congrats.

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