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Clay Hayes
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David Petersen wrote: Clay — I just re-watched your bow-building videos. You are still a young man. How in the world did you acquire such detailed knowledge in building selfbows? Did you have a teacher? Very impressive, amigo.

Well thanks Dave, on all counts. I’ve built my first “real” bow while I was still in high school, nearly 15 years ago. I’d always been interested in it, and tried but failed many times until finding the Traditional Bowyers Bible – Vol1. After that, I just kept on making. Sold my wheeled contraption and never looked back. Aside from that, I’ve always been artsie and mechanicaly inclined, which doesn’t hurt.

BTW, the bow you have isn’t the one from the video series. We did a still photo build along on this forum way back when it first started. That’s your bow…