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Loud and clear Gig, about the “one more link in the chain that can fail. Exactly my thinking. Just was given some 125 gr. grizzly single bevels, and they are a good looking, ie: penetration specific head so I too am looking to get some 200 gr. heads, I’m seriously considering 200 gr Grizzly’s. The woody weight idea just makes me think, hmm, not just one more potentially weak bond between the weight and the head but what about getting it on straight, probably not a big deal BUT I AM gettin-stuff-on-straight-challenged. Yup, I got the GSSC issue so why not simplify by going straight to a heavy head, only 1 thing to get on straight. If I do the 200’s, it looks like I’ll end up with the FOC at mid-teens and a total grain weight of upper 600’s. Which to me is a happy medium. I mounted one 125 grizzly on a POC arrow I recently built, my first woods ever, and it flew well. If I do my part, it should do it’s part, but danged if I don’t just need to TRY something with a little more FOC and weight. Part of the fun, I reckon.

Thanks for the info.