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Doc Nock
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LOL… yea, I remember you mentioning him…

But I sometimes “resemble” that remark too… 😆

As for the arrow stuff… tain’t nuttin I’m smart enough to have figured out. Just couple years chatting up Doc Ashby and reading a ton of his stuff…some o f which I can even remember longer than it takes to catch 40 winks! 😮

I read. I think. I question. I try. I try again. and then start to put together what I THINK might work for ME.

I respect others doing the same… but for me, in my environments where I shoot, it works out ok with smaller fedders and big ole heads if I have a higher FOC…

Been finding target carbons, lighter GPI, then over-foot with alum. shafting BOP for 2″ and it has kept my total arrow weight under 600 gr. at 29.5″ – 30.5″ arrows, .340 spine, 300 gr. up front and no cap wrap, just spray cap and small(er) feathers.

Once I did that, I stopped seeing kick, wobbles or other “arrow behaving badly” actions in a good stiff cross wind…

Of course, it’s not the kind of wind that would make a sheep dog look like he was riding in a convertible at 60mph, for sure!

E. Deer I’ve met seem to get totally hinked out when the limbs are swaying, brush lashing about, they go hide somewhere I’ve not found or can’t get close without them spooking out the back side of the shelter belt!

So I just try to create a manageable arrow for the ‘breezy’ day, not the gale force ones!:shock: