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Gator, yep an Axis. The hunt was a gift from my fellow workers when I retired. The only guided hunt I’ve ever been on. I felt like a fish out of water being led around, guided :).

This outfitter had access to several small properties near Bourne, Tx., all free range. Small may be a bit bigger than small is in some places though. 😀

My most vivid memory of the hunt is of a herd of 8-10 axis running full speed and clearing a barbed wire fence in full stride. It was a beautiful picture that I was only able to capture in my mind but it’ll be there forever.

Axis are mighty fine table fare.

Sneaking on one animal tough enough, sneaking on a herd? Actually being lucky is sometimes a big part of a hunt. 😆

Being in the right place at the right time while holding Lady Luck’s hand sometimes ain’t a bad deal.