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Don Thomas
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Hmm… I don’t know which opinion about Walker’s you’re taking exception to. The worst hound I ever had was a Walker. So was the best one. I think I’ve expressed both sides of that argument before. Yes, get in shape! The physical demands of the hunt vary with the circumstances. If you do it the way we do–no snow machines, no tracking collars–it can be as tough as anything you’ll ever do in the outdoors. Most guides aren’t that mean to their clients, for better or worse. I have yet to figure out a reasonable way to practice shooting up. I tried prior to a leopard hunt years ago. Chances are the lion will tree on a steep slope, in which case a cautious approach from the uphill side will help the angle considerably. What you can practice is shooting through branches, which is really the hard part. Drag a big pine branch in front of your practice target and get used to picking tiny shooting lanes through the obstructions. Final thought–it’s my experience that animals hunted with bow and “backup” rifle usually don’t wind up getting killed with an arrow Only you can decide what to do about that. Don