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Don Thomas
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I don’t disagree with anything said, and I came to the same conclusion Fred Bear did years ago. However, a couple of points. First, a lot of us shoot too much bow. I hunted with bows in the #70-75 range for years, but when I was recovering from neck surgery I learned that the lightest bow I owned–#58–would shoot through anything including elk and bear. Now I shoot bows in the #60-65 range, not because I can’t pull heavier ones but because I shoot lighter ones more accurately. Second, your optimal weight will change quickly when you come back to archery after a long lay-off. #45 may be all you can handle now, but after a few months of practice you’ll likely be up to #60 comfortably. However, you don’t want to start there, because wrestling with too much weight will make you develop bad shooting form. The ideal solution would be to borrow a #45 bow from a friend, shoot it for a couple of months, and see where you’re at. I’ve loaned out countless bows for this purpose over the years. Don