Ed Ashby
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Just back from several days away, getting more medical test, and have to get some x-rays taken tomorrow, but will try to check back tomorrow evening or Friday; to look over the forum. Only around till Monday, then I have to go back for more med test.

If it’s on schedule, the first of a 2 part article on the bows and arrows of Papau New Guinea should be in the upcoming issue of Primitive Archer. Last year, I had a first-hand chance to examine both the bows/arrows used prior to WWll and those in contemporary use by the same PNG tribe; the natives of the Bula Planes region. The first article deals with the bows from each era, but what will be of interest to those following this forum will be in the second article – the arrows used pre-WWll and those in use today. Clearly, even Ultra Extreme FOC arrows have a very long “tradition” in archery! All you ‘woody shooters’ will get a chance to see some photos on not just EFOC wood-shafted arrows, but ones with over 40% FOC!

After they are ‘in print’ in Primitive Archer, I’ll send a consolodate (into a single article) copy to be posted on this forum. It certainly adds some historical context to heavy weight, EFOC arrows!

Okay, too beat to try to read over all the postings tonight, but glad to see everyone who’s here.