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IronCreekArcher wrote: I have also heard that using the blue loc-tite will settle any nagging doubts about the head coming loose. I also know that a single bevel head rotates at a faster rate on impact than an arrow spinning towards the target. This could be a problem upon impact as far as the head becoming loose. I only have a vague idea of what convex sharpening is so I will say this…if the convex method takes a bunch of metal off the cutting edge thus making it thinner I would stay away from that method because it could ruin the structural integrity of the cutting edge in a heavy bone impact situation thus negating any gains achieved by an Ashby maximized set-up. Just my .02 cents…

A convex grind actually leaves more material than a flat grind. It is often used for combat knives and heavy swords. A concave, or hollow grind, would remove more material, it is typically used for more precision cutting instruments.